Artesius Publications is the imprint of Roger Street, who was until his partial retirement the senior partner in an old-established South Coast legal practice. For about 40 years his principal spare time interest has been veteran cycles and early cycling. He bought his first 'Ordinary' ('penny-farthing') bicycle in 1970 and soon became an avid collector of old bikes. In 1975 Roger formed the slightly quirky Christchurch Ramshackle Antique Bicycle Society - the CRABS - which is still going strong today.

Roger's first book, 'Victorian High-Wheelers' was published in 1979. In April 1985 he launched the world's first museum devoted solely to multi-wheeled machines, the Christchurch Tricycle Museum, which had over 100,000 visitors but sadly had to close in 1995.

Over the past twenty-five years Roger has researched and written a number of articles for the national Veteran-Cycle Club journal The Boneshaker, as well as preparing papers for the annual meeting of the International Cycling History Conference. His seminal work 'The Pedestrian Hobby-Horse' was published in 1998.

In 2001 Roger formed The Dandy Chargers, a group of Regency costumed riders of high quality replica hobby-horse who ride and demonstrate, to this day, their machines at stately homes and elsewhere.

Much additional material has been discovered on the hobby-horse story in recent years, and Roger's colourful 2011 book 'Dashing Dandies' is the result.

In 2012 Roger published the Biography of Revd. Joseph Coltman. Joseph was Englands' heaviest man and an avid rider of a 'Hobby-Horse' velocipede.

The Daniel Lambert Picture Book was published in 2019. Daniel Lambert (1770-1809) was, in his time, England's heaviest man at 52 stone 11 pounds. Lambert is remembered for his interests in field sports, his knowledge of breeding dogs and cockerels and for his 'exalted and convivial mind'.

Roger Streets' Autobiography 'Mostly Fun' was published in 2020.