The Pedestrian Hobby-Horse

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'The Pedestrian Hobby-Horse' describes the forerunner of the pedal bicycle in Britain at the dawn of cycling. The archetypal two-wheeler wooden "hobby-horse" velocipede was propelled by pushing the feet on the ground. The book tells about the development of the "hobby-horse" by the London coachmaker Denis Johnson in 1819.

There is an introduction by Leslie G. Bowerman, former President of the Veteran-Cycle Club and Editor of its 'News & Views' magazine. The book has four appendices, Denis' Johnson's patent, his Will, details of all the known surviving early hobby-horses in the U.K. and elsewhere, and details of all the eighty or so known surviving hobby-horse prints.
'The Pedestrian Hobby-Horse'

  • hardcover bound
  • 195 pages
  • black-and-white and colour illustrations.