Rules of The Daniel Lambert Society

1. Objective
To honour the memory of the big man Daniel Lambert of Leicester 1770-1809 and to promote this by initiating and supporting projects to achieve this aim.

2. Membership
Membership shall be open to anyone who supports the objective of the Society whose membership is approved by the Management Committee.

3. Management
The Society’s day-to-day management shall be by a Management Committee with a minimum of two and a maximum of eight members elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Society to be held at the Annual Dinner in March of each year. All major decisions, including a decision to alter these rules, to expel a member for misconduct, or to dissolve the Society, shall be by a two-thirds majority vote of all members present at a general meeting. The honorary officers of the Society shall be its Chairman, Vice-Chairman (if elected), Secretary and Treasurer (if elected) appointed at the Annual General Meeting, who will be ex officio members of the Management Committee. Meetings of the Society and of its Management Committee shall be on an ad hoc basis as required.

4. Finance
Membership subscriptions shall be agreed at the Annual General Meeting and paid to the Treasurer. A bank account shall be opened in the name of the Society into which all subscriptions and any other money shall be paid. All cheques for agreed expenditure shall be signed by two of the honorary officers of the Society.

Formation of society:

13th March 2019 at The Mayor’s Parlour, The Guildhall, Leicester