Before The Bicycle - Reviews

 "A fascinating insight into the social history not often studied by cycle history enthusiasts as it is indeed 'before the bicycle'.  An entertaining and informative read."  Veteran-Cycle Club's Summer 2014 issue of 'News & Views' by editor Phil Wray.

"What a wonderful book you have produced, top class illustrations, and the colours are just superb. You are to be congratulated."
John Green, Cycle Historian

"In this book, Roger Street has compiled a delightful selection of hobby-horse images by a number of different artists.  This volume might well be considered the successor to those caricature folios which afforded many evenings of amusement in Regency times.  But above all, this is a valuable visual compendium of the vehicle which came Before the Bicycle." 
Kathryn Kane, Regency historian

"I've been enjoying the new book.  It's really amazing how many prints there were in such a short period of time". 
Les Bowerman, past-President of the Veteran-Cycle Club

"I am thrilled with the 'Before the Bicycle' book, it really is superb and you must be very proud of your publication" 
Dr. Martin Taylor