The Pedestrian Hobby-Horse - Reviews

“I am still reading your fabulous book and am overwhelmed by the richness of material you collected.”
Professor Hans-Erhard Lessing, Mannheim, Germany (leading cycle historian)     

“What a splendid book it is, excellent quality, the colour plates are very good and the black-and-white pictures excellent.  In my view everyone concerned with the book is to be congratulated.  … Very good value.”
Jim Boulten, Wolverhampton (book purchaser)   

“There is a fascinating trail behind the scurrilous prints.  This thoroughly researched book looks at the story of the wooden “hobby-horse” pushed along by the rider’s feet touching the ground.  …  The author’s painstaking examination of contemporaneous sources has let him dispel one or two myths from what he calls the “pre-history of cycling” and has at the same time thrown up more questions.”
Tim Hughes, Editor of CTC magazine Cycle Touring and Campaigning (review in August/September 1998 issue)

Many topics in early cycling history have been worked over again and again and still original truth does not appear.  Roger Street, by way of contrast, takes what is recognised as the starting point in cycling history, and surprisingly we realise that it has not been looked at in depth before.  He is thus able to present to us a completely new and panoramic view of the start of bicycling.  …  This is a delightful book which you will be reluctant to put down until you have been right through, and which you will pick up again and again.”
Les Bowerman, President of the Veteran-Cycle Club 1994-1997 (foreword to book)

Roger Street has done a superb research job on the bicycle’s early origins in Britain.  'The Pedestrian Hobby-Horse' is eminently readable and once started few readers will want to put it down … Tremendous research using many diverse original sources into the early history of the bicycle.  It’s essential reading.”
Hilary Stone, Editor of Veteran-Cycle Club magazine - News and Views (review in August/September 1998 issue)

“Excellent original research.  Beautiful colour reproductions of original prints plus details of many surviving Hobby Horses.  Examines many of the myths surrounding the origins of the bicycle.  Essential reading for all V-CC members.”  News and Views Club Sales (Aug/Sept 1998 & subsequent issues).

“Entrancing : the complete history of the machine and particularly in its elegant English form by Denis Johnson.  This is going to be one of the major books on cycling history.”
Roland Sauvaget, Yzeure, France (cycle historian)

“You have achieved a fine work. … I am full of admiration for the depth of your research and the way in which you have given us all the benefit of it. … Outstanding.”
Derek Roberts, Mitcham, Surrey (leading cycle historian and founder-member of Veteran Cycle-Club)

 “A splendid piece of scholarly work that is written in plain English so making an enjoyable read.  Many thanks for an enjoyable book and a good reference tool.”
Gerry Moore, Brandon, Norfolk (cycle historian)

“Thank you very much for your wonderful book.  … Sur le sujet Johnson, votre livre constitue une première qu’il faut saluer.”
Jacques Seray, Vélizy, France (leading cycle historian and author of “Deux Roues”)

“I have managed to finish your book and found it delightful.  I was particularly pleased that you included a section on the hobby horse prints. … Your book will be of value to the historians of the Regency period as well as for those interested in cycle history.  You were wise to pick a topic about which so little has been written, and are now the foremost authority on the hobby horse.”
Lou Schultz, Westerville, Ohio, U.S.A. (veteran cycle enthusiast)

“A most authoritative account of an interesting part of transport history.” 
Katharine Spackman, Reference and Local Studies Librarian, Bournemouth Reference Library

“This book is an important record of the history of the bicycle in Britain and the author is to be commended.”     Ron Sant, Veteran-Cycle Club member (proposed review for magazine of the International Veteran Cycle Association).

Roger Street has assembled an easily accessible and lovely edition that has filled a void in the annals of cycling history that I give my highest rating : 10 (out of ten).”    Gabe Konrad, Editor of On the Wheel magazine (USA) (review in October/November 1998 issue).

“I have just finished your Hobby Horse book and found it a fascinating read, you are to be congratulated on such intensive research.”  Keith Mitchell (Veteran-Cycle Club member, Barton-on-Sea, Hants).

“I recommend it unreservedly as a work of scholarship that explores every avenue and overturns every stone, holding the reader’s interest throughout.”   Derek Roberts, Editor of magazine of The Fellowship of Cycling Old-Timers, Fellowship News (in December 1998 issue).

At the Dawn of Cycling is an apt subtitle for this impressive book.  The development of the hobby horse is a fascinating story but one which is usually told in a few pages in general histories.  After several years of research into primary sources, Roger Street has at last done it justice in this attractively illustrated book.”    Review in issue no.4 of Bycycle [November 1998].

“I have now purchased and read your excellent book, 'The Pedestrian Hobby-Horse', and enjoyed it very much indeed.  It is not only a very serious study, but enjoyable to read and the book itself is a lovely production.  I particularly liked the colour reproductions of the various prints, which are quite intriguing as well as informative.  Your research is commendable and to someone like me who has been amongst it on “other business” quite an eye opener.” 
Ted Hardy (Veteran-Cycle Club member and author of articles on cycle history)

“An excellent work of scholarship”.   D.H. Shaw (Peterborough Vintage Cycle Club)